How to Stop and Smell the Summer Flowers

How to Stop and Smell the Summer Flowers

College life can be a tricky thing because for eight months of the year you get used to your planner being filled with deadlines, upcoming tests, a plethora of meetings, social events, and so much more. Then, all of the sudden, you are back home, having to readjust to almost a different type of lifestyle. As the days go on you almost miss the hustle and bustle of all that is college… almost waiting for move-in day to come back around. But what I am challenging myself to do is stop and smell the summer flowers (aka learning to enjoy the less chaotic lifestyle).

My first tip is to start exploring what your hometown has to offer. Although I have lived in the same suburb my whole life I have recently discovered many new favorite places that I never took the time to explore. My new absolute favorite hobby is going to different local flower shops and looking at the plethora of beautiful plants. Other things I recommend doing is going to a local baseball game, trying a new coffee shop that just opened up, or finding the best place to watch the sunset. What I’m getting at is to just dig a little deeper and realize there can be amazing things to do right in your backyard.

Another idea is to start doing what you always talked about doing. Start doing the things/hobbies that you never had time for during the school year. On my bucket list this summer is training for a half marathon and learning to play the ukulele. Try finding that new hobby you’ve been wanting to pick up and just do it. Take advantage of the time away from school and the free time that summer offers.

My last tip is to start journaling your thoughts, dreams, goals, or events that happen throughout your day. Taking time to write out what you are thinking can be extremely helpful in organizing your thoughts and helping you to reflect on who you are as a person. By doing this, you can almost give clarity to situations that you have been dealing with or the path you want to go in life.

This summer I hope that we all can take time and smell the summer flowers. Enjoy the moments each and everyday life has to offer and live in the present. Take advantage of the less chaotic school-free months because once August hits, it’s time to go back to the grind.

How do you plan on enjoying a less chaotic lifestyle? Let me know in the comments below!