STLYE GURU BIO: Melissa Damron

January 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

My name is Melissa Damron and I am very excited to start my second semester here at CollegeFashionista as a Style Guru! I am a senior at The Ohio State University majoring in Fashion Merchandising. Returning as a former FASHIONISTA SPOTLIGHT writer, I am excited for the chance to vary my weekly posts to explore even more fashion potential in Columbus.

I began my academic career at Ohio State not really sure about what I wanted to study or try to accomplish. A lot of potential areas of study were interesting to me, but I was always uncertain if my lack of ability to perform in those areas of study would deter me from wanting to continue studying them. People always said that Fashion majors had a hard time finding jobs after graduating, which always shied me away from the major because that was not an obstacle I wanted to face. Moving to Columbus showed me that there were just as many, if not more, careers waiting for aspiring Fashion graduates. Realizing this showed me that it’s always important to do what you love without fear of the uncertain. Studying Fashion was the perfect fit for me and I am so excited to apply my excitement for the industry through my writing here at CollegeFashionista. After graduating, I hope to stay in Columbus and take on one of the many fashion opportunities this city has to offer. More specifically, I would love to end up in Visual Merchandising at a company I am passionate about.

As far as my personal style goes, I dress for the occasion or my mood. I love to express how I’m feeling through my outfits, not always sticking to one particular style or type of clothing as I believe it should be. With so many genres of style I love to mix up my look and not get stuck wearing the same pieces day to day. Generally, I like to keep things casual yet put together with a good pair of booties and formal jeans. If the occasion fits, my favorite go to for a formal event lately has been casual wedges if the weather permits. I am very excited for the opportunity to join the Style Guru family again and write about everything I love!