We’ve all had the dilemma with what to wear on a fun night out with friends. Is my outfit too sexy? Too conservative? Boring? It’s a delicate balance ladies! Dressing for your girl friends can be even more intimidating than dressing for a first date! Add 90 degree city weather into the mix and that calls for some serious wardrobe trouble.

This Fashionista took easy, breezy and beautiful to the next level. What makes this statement so unique is the causal yet flirty look that is created by the fun lace detail at the bottom, the adorable cutouts and amazing bow tie heels that truly make this outfit one of a kind.

Pairing a simple lace cutout dress with a floral patterned shoe creates a look that is simple, yet put together. Many people are discouraged by lacy, V-neck ensembles. They’re afraid to add a little sass to the mix and opt for a safe choice when it comes to shoes. By doing the exact opposite and choosing shoes that stand out, this Fashionista is ready for wherever the night may take her.

A cute yet simple accessory, like a pair of statement earrings, also elevates the look to night on the town ready. Pair these three simple ideas together and you have a surefire way to impress anyone in your path.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “For me, this summer has been all about exploring new things. New colors, new shapes, new styles. It’s important to be comfortable, but it’s equally as important to take fun, new risks. Mix and match, be a little crazy or too colorful and don’t always worry about what’s in or in season. Wear what makes you feel like you, even if that you, is a new you.”