Staying Sun-Kissed in the Summer Is Easy With These Products

Just like the recent obsession with millennial pink (especially in the summer time), highlighted looks are not going anywhere! Of course, we can not all rock an out-of-this-world holographic highlight on a day-to-day basis, but a fresh, natural sun-kissed glow is the perfect look for a warm summer day.

In the intense summer heat, I like to keep my whole face very light and skin focused; caking my face with powder is extremely uncomfortable. Keeping my makeup looking skin focused requires a good base before doing anything else. I start with sunblock to give my skin that extra protection and while it is important throughout the entire year, the UV rays do not play this time of the year. Once the skin is all prepped and protected, moisturizing and priming will give your skin the most healthy and hydrated feel. It will not only be good for your skin, but also prevent your makeup from sliding everywhere when you are out adventuring.

To keep the look light and give the skin some room to breathe, I would go for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream instead of a full-coverage foundation. On top of this light coverage, liquid and cream products are the way to go! Using a cream bronzer adds to the dewiness of the skin and setting it with a bit of powdered bronzer creates an extra bronzed glow. Your skin will have the perfect, sun-kissed look for the summer.

And, how could we complete a look without a good highlight? The perfect highlighter for the summer has got to be a liquid illuminator. A liquid illuminator, no matter what shade you are working with, on the high points of your face will give it a glow that is unlike any other. The fluidity of the highlighter that sits atop the skin melts into your face and creates a natural radiance from within while still giving you that unique summer glow you want to achieve. If you really want to blind those around you, set your liquid illuminator with a powder and there is no doubt that you will be glowing!

Since the look is all about the dewiness, I tend to stay away from powders, but I do want to set my face so it will not slip and slide throughout the day. After all is said and done, I set my face with a luminous powder to keep my radiance in tact. The skin focused look is very minimal everywhere else. For brows and eyes, a good brow gel and a bit of mascara will do.

Will you be glowing and looking sun-kissed this summer? If so, share it with us! We would love to see how luminous you look. Make sure to tag @CFashionista!