How to Stay Motivated in the Summer

How to Stay Motivated in the Summer

When summertime hits, my initial reaction is a sigh of relief. Classes are over and I can finally binge watch eight shows at a time on Netflix without facing any consequences. However, after week two of not leaving the house, sleeping in the same clothes over and over, and not abiding by my nightly skincare routine, I ultimately feel sluggish and overall uninspired. As a blogger, I control when I post. I have no real deadlines, which can be a blessing and a curse. The success of my blog is all on me, and in the summer it definitely is easier to decline in creativity. This summer I decided to make a change to my lifestyle and now I’m sharing my tips with you. Here are three ways to get out of a summertime funk

1—Get up at a reasonable time. I know, I know, summer is for sleeping in. I get it, but sleeping until 11 a.m. and staying up until 2 a.m. isn’t an ideal lifestyle. Get up at 9 a.m. instead, make some breakfast, and actually get yourself ready for the day. You’d be surprised at how much more productive you can be when you have a full stomach and a clean outfit on.

2—Make a daily to-do list. Having a list of everything you need to accomplish that day makes you more organized. Even just adding things like “make the bed,” will help you stay on track and not fall into a Netflix hole. Also, add something on there every day that you have been wanting to do—like cleaning out a junk drawer, trying a new coffee place, or reading a book. Pro-tip: having a physical list on paper instead of on your phone is much more satisfying when you cross off each task.

3—Surround yourself with individuals that inspire you. We all have that one friend who always seems to have their life together and is there for advice or inspiration. Invite her to coffee or brunch and bounce ideas off each other. My greatest blog ideas have come from conversations with my creative friends. Talking out all of your ideas makes you more likely to make them a reality.

What motivates you in the summertime? Leave your ideas in the comments below!