How to Spice Up Your College Dorm

How to Spice Up Your College Dorm

Are you wondering how to decorate your dorm room next school year? I know I am!

On my first day of school, I came in with a couple of things to decorate my room including all the basic things I needed like bed sheets, pillows, etc. However, one thing I did not know was how hideous these dorm rooms looked like! My dorm room was brown with some tackable walls and ugly wooden bunk beds/desks. Of course, I had to try and spice up my room with some unique decor pieces, which is what I want to share with you all today. I have some decor examples and one DIY decor that will help spice up your dorm room and make it feel like home again.

1—Lights. Lights are the best possible way to decorate your room and give it a cool vibe. You can add any type of lights around your bed and every time you go to sleep they will feel like stars. Add some lights, read a book, and drink some coffee!

2—Curtains. Not many people use curtains on their bed, but by adding these sheer curtains, you will give your bedroom a chic and unique look. Also, you will feel like a princess, and who doesn’t want to feel like one?

3—Pictures. Adding pictures gives you a more homey vibe. Use cute picture frames to create whatever shape you want to favor your aesthetic.

4—DIY pencil holders. Pencil holders are an essential for your desk. It helps keep your pens together and makes your desk look 10 times prettier. Below are two ways to use a mason jar and make it into a cute pencil holder. After you try these, you will never want to go back to regular pencil holders again!

Moving into a new room that is not yours can be very difficult, but decorating it with things you love, will make living in a dorm room more bearable. Now share with us what your favorite decor is in the comments below!

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