The Skincare Routine I Live By

Skincare is in! As weird as that sounds, it is totally true. Skincare is becoming a top priority in the modern person’s life and it absolutely should be. Our skin works so hard to protect us and our body so we should be giving it the love and protection it needs.

I recently became aware of skin care after someone told me I am at the age where I should be wearing eye cream and moisturizing daily. Before, I just washed my face every morning and night. Later that day, I walked into Sephora and asked a sales associate to set me up with a proper skincare routine. If you are interested in starting a routine, I highly recommend going there and asking for help because it really worked out for me.

I am very particular and proactive with routines and usually don’t ever miss a day. This routine is no different for me and it shouldn’t be any different for you!

Below, I broke my routine down into steps so it is easy to follow and copy.

1—Face wash. Face wash is an absolute must. I have been using Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser for almost four years and it has continuously done the job for me. I prefer the Gentle Skin Cleanser over the others due to how sensitive my skin is, but I always recommend doing whatever is best for your own skin.

2—Eye cream. The concept of eye cream is a new one to me. I apply my eye cream, Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream by IT Cosmetics, morning and night with my ring finger below my eye, up my cheekbone, and onto my brow bone. I naturally am very expressive with my eyes and love the feeling of putting cream on my eyes allowing them to relax

3—Facial serums. Ole Henriksen Truth Serums has become my go-to refresher. One pump makes my skin feel tight and hydrated. Simple anti-aging creams containing vitamin C are extremely important to your skin. Keeping your skin tight and youthful will keep it happy.

4—Facial moisturizer. After I use my serum, I apply my moisturizer. I use the Ole Henriksen Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator because I naturally have very oily skin and tend to break out very easily with certain moisturizers, but have yet to break out with this product once.

What are your favorite skin care items? Comment your own routine down below!