Skincare Essentials for Your Clearest Skin Yet

August 16th, 2017 at 2:00am

For anyone who has struggled with their skin care, finding and testing new products can seem like an uphill battle, especially when factors such as hormones and stress are out of your control. To make your back to school skin care regime easier and more effective, here’s a list of six products that will keep your skin under control and looking clearer than ever.

1—Paula’s Choice CLEAR Extra Strength Kit. This kit comes with three separate products, which includes a cleanser, exfoliant, and a treatment. When I went through a period of hormonal acne during my freshman year of college and these products cleared my skin completely within a couple of months! After that experience, I swear by this skin clearing kit. To use this kit properly, start by thoroughly washing your face with the cleanser. Then, use a cotton ball to apply the leave-on exfoliant. Finally, finish by applying the leave-on treatment. Although this kit works wonders, it can dry out your skin super easily, so make sure you moisturize after applying these products!

2—Alba Botanica Good & Clean Cleanser + Mini Peel. Alba Botanica products are some of my favorites. This company’s products always leave your skin feeling squeaky clean and fresh. The cleanser and mini peel are two of my favorite products by this company, although you can also try a similar cleanser.

3—Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. For a super intense and deep-pore cleansing, try using this Indian healing clay. You can mix this powder with either water or apple cider vinegar to create a paste, and then apply to your face and body for about 20 minutes. This mask tightens on your skin, resulting in lots of blood flow to areas where applied, so don’t be worried when you rinse it off to find that your skin is bright red! This product can also be super drying, so if your skin is itchy while it’s applied, that is also very normal. Just make sure to moisturize afterward!

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