The Short Girl's Guide to Breaking the Rules in Fashion

“You’re so small and cute! So fun sized!,” is a phrase I’ve pretty much conditioned my brain to tune out. The truth is that 5’2’’ has always felt like a curse to me. My mom swears I stunted my growth by going on a strict (three month) vegetarian diet at the developmentally vital age of 13. “Vegetarians don’t grow big and strong,” she would tell me as I rolled my eyes and munched on the cob salad I opted for in place of her chicken parmesan.

There are worse things that come with being below 5’5’’ on the growth chart than suffocating in concert crowds and not being able to reach that lone sock at the bottom of your washing machine. Being short meant that I was, for a majority of my life, horribly limited when it came to my style choices. In this brave new era of body positivity, I’ve decided to work with what I have and embrace the petite limbs I’ve been resenting for the better half of my adolescent years.

To do this, some age-old short girl style rules have to be broken. Midi skirts have historically been a no-no for the vertically challenged, as have jumpsuits and anything knee-high. Here, I styled the forbidden midi skirt in the hopes of not looking like I’m frolicking in the ball pit of a Chuck-E-Cheese.

Pairing a midi skirt with a two inch block heel makes for a light summer look without the hassle of mid-day blisters from taller heels. Bonus points if you style with dangly earrings to elongate your neck.

For a casual nighttime look, wear a jumpsuit with ankle boots to give you the height necessary to not have to cuff the bottoms more than two times. Tan or nude shoes will help elongate your legs and create balance between the pieces that make your legs look shorter and your actual legs.

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