This Shopping App Will Make You Forget Retail and Go Resale

August 11th, 2017 at 2:00am

Thanks to online shopping, I’ve become a self-proclaimed shopaholic (as if my overflowing walk-in closet wasn’t saying it loud enough). One of the top shopping apps I’ve grown very fond of is Depop, which is a community of sellers equipped with some of the best vintage and used clothing around. Think of it as an amazing online Goodwill. Mixing unique Depop purchases with retail pieces you already own gives you an enviable style completely your own.

This shirt from Depop won over my little art-loving heart. The shorts I’m wearing are cut from Eddie Bauer mom jeans. When wearing any bold article of clothing with bright colors, I like to take the color used least and utilize that color most when accessorizing. Consequently, this yellow alligator belt also purchased from Depop blends seamlessly with the yellow label of Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell’s soup can. The boldness of the outfit led me to finish off this look with some simple white cleated sandals.

When “shorteralls” (also known as short overalls) became a trend, I knew I didn’t want the same old bib overalls everyone else is wearing. I searched for “shorteralls” on Depop knowing I would more than likely come across what I was looking for. Although these overalls scream the ’80s with a promise that I’ll be turned into a modern day Kelly Kapowski, I managed to give these overalls more of a ’70s vibe. Aviator glasses, thin black turtleneck, long straight hair: I’ve reached full flower power mode.

Thanks to my Adidas obsession, when I saw this long sleeve Adidas shirt on Depop in perfect condition for just $12, I had to buy it. To achieve a better fit, I cut this XL shirt into a crop top. My general rule of thumb is to never be afraid to cut a shirt into a crop top. I paired this shirt with a trendy patchwork denim skirt for an athleisure look. For those breezy summer nights, I topped off this look with a pink denim jacket from Depop. I altered this myself, cutting off the hem of the jacket in order to create an exact replica of a sold-out jacket I had seen at H&M. Another rule of thumb I live by is that if you can’t afford it, make it yourself.

I think it’s important for people to keep in mind that brand names aren’t what make a look, it’s how you choose to style the pieces you have. This is why shopping apps like Depop are so great; people can shop rare vintage and used pieces that others won’t have and make them their own. You can keep history alive through clothing, and also keep tons of fabric from becoming dumped into landfills all over the world. We should all start shopping smarter not harder.

Let me know what some of your favorite vintage or thrifted pieces are in the comments below!