Shirt and Sweet—Styling Your Summer Shirtdress

In the world of timeless fashion, a must-have for this summer is the classic shirtdress. This look is feminine, fresh, and very comfortable, making it the perfect dress for any occasion. It has been adopted time and time again by celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, making it a signature piece for every woman. This is a look everyone should have in their closet. The dress can be easily worn up or down depending on the occasion. It can also be layered and serves as a great transitional piece from season to season.

This ongoing trend has been adopted by various fashion brands this year giving their own twist on the timeless classic. Brands such as Monse and Acne have added these pieces to their runways by taking the classic dress and adding a more modernized interpretation. Both brands played with different silhouettes and added different textures to the all-time classic.

Focusing on a more feminine look, the classic button-down shirt is both fun and very versatile. Layering is a must when wearing this classic dress. Pairing up the dress with statement accessories such as bright bags and shoes can ultimately bring the whole look together. A pair of pearl earrings is also a must for this casual and comfy look. Focusing on different textures is always a good idea when completing this look, which can add a fun twist to a timeless classic.

The shirt dress is a must have for any woman looking for style and comfort, whether you choose to stick to the classic silhouette or opt for a more modern interpretation, this look is here to stay.

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