Shimmer and Shine are Today’s Tied and Dyed

June 26th, 2017 at 2:00am
Shimmer and Shine are Today’s Tied and Dyed

Tie-dye was the visual voice of America’s youth at the time, defying everything having to do with the Vietnam war. In a desperate attempt to lift the nation’s “vibes” and rebel against the becomingly “drab” fashion of past generations, tie-dye quickly took over our country’s wardrobes. The bright colors and unconventional patterns also helped bridge the gap between the “risqué” world of drag queens, cross-dressers, pop stars, etc. and the majority youth of 1960s America. This gave our country a new sense of inclusion and went along with the time’s popular slogans pushing for “free love.”

With a historical presidential election having just passed, shootings in the everyday news, and countless debates/protests, our current-day society has clearly been in a desperate need of something to lift the mood. Something similar to tie-dye in the ’60s.

Currently, when someone invites you to a ’60s or ’70s themed party, tie-dye should be expected to monopolize the attire outfit worn at the party. So, one might ask, in 30-40 years, what type of clothing is expected to dominate the 2010’s decades’ parties hosted by future generations? That’s right, shimmer and shine.

From highlighting face makeup trends, shimmering and metallic dresses on every runway, to even going as far as gluing glitter and sequins directly to one’s body, our generation is making a very bold statement through “shiny things”. Walls have been broken down, for example; men now being worldwide famous for their use and knowledge of beauty makeup. Worlds have been brought together, via music festivals, new laws, protests, and most importantly, the push for all-inclusive love in a world full of hate. Glitter and sparkles shout to the universe that, “We are not backing down! AND we’ll look fabulous while changing the world!”

The future seems increasingly unclear to many and in a time of such uncertainty, it makes sense that our current fashion trends would reflect our undying dedication to choosing happiness above all else. How do you plan to jump on board with this decade’s fashion trend equivalent to the ’60s tie-dye?

Here are three easy yet dazzling ways to join in and add a little sparkle to your life:

1—Glittery Makeup:

Featured here is the burnt orange from the Revolution “Mermaid” palette. Makeup is a great, quick way to add a little sparkle to your everyday routine and it can really make your features pop!

2—Shimmering Suede:

It’s no secret that icons like Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid are bringing back large, hooped earrings. Pair these statement hoops with a shimmering suede top or dress and all of a sudden, your Sunday casual can double as your Friday night out attire.

3—Reflective Shoes:

Looking to stop traffic when you walk by? Reflective shoes shout to everyone you pass that you are pushing fashion boundaries; making a statement that says “I will not be ignored!”

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