This Sex & The City Quiz Reveals Which Iconic Character You Are & How To Dress The Part

Now that finals are over and the new semester is starting, I have just the celebration for you: another quiz! But this time, no studying necessary. If you’re anything like me, you’re obsessed with all things Sex and the City, from the eccentric outfits to the all too handsome Aidan Shaw and Steve Brady. You may even be wondering which carefully crafted core four character is most like you…

Are you the witty, high-heel-obsessed Carrie Bradshaw, or the intelligent, true romantic Charlotte York? Feisty, confident Samantha Jones, or caring (a bit cynical), and grounded Miranda Hobbes? Take the quiz below to find out which stylish New Yorker personality you are, complete with outfits inspired by the core four: Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda. Keep track of your answers and their corresponding letters; you’ll need these at the end. 

1. It’s late on a Monday night and you can’t sleep. You:

(A) Cut out some magazine clippings and start crafting a vision board. You are a powerful life force attracting your destiny!

(B) Put your lashes back on and step out on the town. There’s got to be someone interesting out on a Monday night, right?

(C) Pull out that book you’ve been meaning to finish, read 5 pages before falling asleep. Guess you weren’t so wide awake after all.

(D) Call up that person you’ve been thinking about, even if you know you shouldn’t. If you’re awake thinking of them, maybe they’re awake thinking of you…

2. You’ve been waiting for your date at the restaurant for 30 minutes, and you accept what you’ve been trying desperately to ignore: you’ve been stood up. Even though this is hypothetical, it’s still their loss. What do you do?

(E) Find a cute single at the bar and ask them out. No way you’re leaving that restaurant alone.

(F) Call up your bestie and invite yourself over for a movie night. You’ll bring the popcorn.

(G) Allow a wave of relief to wash over you; you’re exhausted from your busy week anyways and would rather be alone in a warm bathtub with a slice of chocolate cake.

(H) Wait another 15 minutes. They might be just around the corner! Plus, what if it’s fate?

Darren Star Productions/HBO Max

3. It’s your turn to plan Girl’s Day for you and your besties. What’s the plan?

(A) Bottomless brunch before the new art gallery opening. You’re so excited about this one.

(B) You’re all going to pilates; your friends are going to freak when they see the instructor. C-U-T-I-E. Later, you’re picking out everyone’s outfits and you’ve already made dinner reservations.

(C) First, coffee. And you could really use a massage. You can’t believe you’re saying this but, spa day?

(D) Get in losers! We’re going shopping! 

Darren Star Productions/HBO Max

4. Do you believe in soulmates?

(E) In what? Could you repeat the question?

(F) I think so… I really hope so.

(G) I believe some people get lucky and fall in love.

(H) That’s like asking me if I believe in love at first sight! Absolutely, I believe in soulmates.

5. What is your favorite color?

(A) Pink! Pink! Pink!

(B) I’m giving red.

(C) A dark green. Runner up: blue.

(D) Can I say both white and gold?

6. What are some of the most important qualities you look for in any relationship?

(E) Openness and loyalty.

(F) Sense of humor and empathy.

(G) Maturity and honesty.

(H) Kind heart and communication.

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7. What is one thing you could not live without?

(A) My planner and my colored gel pens.

(B) My purse of tricks.

(C) Sarcasm.

(D) All 30 pairs of shoes, even the pairs I’ve yet to wear..

8. How would you describe your personal style?

(E) “More is more.”

(F) Pass me a skirt and some statement accessories.

(G) Casual yet sharp.

(H) Feminine. Preppy. Timeless.

9. How would your friends describe you?

(A) Optimistic

(B) Entertaining

(C) Hardworking

(D) Creative

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10. What is your drink of choice?

(E) Dirty Martini.

(F) Cosmopolitan, duh.

(G) Definitely wine.

(H) Whatever everyone else is drinking.

Darren Star Productions/HBO Max 

11. Which is your favorite movie?

(A) The Notebook

(B) Fifty Shades

(C) The Wolf of Wall Street

(D) Dirty Dancing

12. What is your dream vacation?

(E) Brazilian Beaches — Blue waters, margs, and men with accents.

(F) Italy: Pizza, pasta, da Vinci — oh my!

(G) London: History, intellect, tea time.

(H) Paris: “The city of love”…

Ta-da, quiz complete! Time to add up our scores. For each letter answer, give yourself one point. 

Now go ahead and add all (a)’s and (h)’s for a combined total. If this group equals your highest total score, you are my group 1. Add up your (b)’s and (e)’s = group 2. Next, (c)’s and (g)’s, following suit, you are group 3. Lastly, combine the points scored for (d)’s and (f)’s… group 4! Now, without further ado, let’s see which iconic Sex And The City girl you are, complete with outfit inspiration from each!

Group 1: Charlotte York

Darren Star Productions/HBO Max

You are pretty in pink, sweet Charlotte York! With your glass-half-full, compassionate attitude, you are a true friend and a true romantic. You love to connect with others and are confident in your feminine nature. You are organized and excited, and with that, I pass you the rosé so you can plan away!

Charlotte York outfits
Darren Star Productions/HBO Max

Season 5, Episode 2: I literally gasped when I saw Charlotte’s pretty-much-perfect pink fur coat. Create your own dreamy winter York look by pairing some sheer tights with your favorite black or brown platform boots, your little black dress, and, of course, a fabulous fur coat. Pair with a pastel bag for a nice contrast and find yourself a corner cafe to people-watch with your bestie. 

Group 2: Samantha Jones

Darren Star Productions/HBO Max

Definition: boss. Self-sufficient and sexy, you are sure of yourself and your style. Always up for an adventure, you inspire those around you to follow their dreams. You are who your friends call when they need to have some fun, and you’ve yet to disappoint. With that “more is more” style, you are known for your bold character and your unapologetic nature.

Darren Star Productions/HBO Max

Often seen on screen in powerful pantsuits, Samantha Jones is not a newbie to matching sets. Never afraid of a good plunge moment, this going-out-fit Samantha wore to “Bed” was everything and more. This y2k lace-up, open-back matching metallic set handed Samantha “best dressed” of this season 6 episode, no objections necessary. Try your hand at a matching set- instantly put together and comfortable, we could all use a bright matching set in our closet for days we need to dress up and head out. 

Darren Star Productions/HBO Max

Group 3: Miranda Hobbes

Darren Star Productions/HBO Max

You say what you mean and you mean what you say. A modern-day feminist, you want the best for yourself and the people you love. You are seen as driven, grounded, and successful, but those you carefully choose to let in closer, know that you are also silly and sensitive. From pantsuits to turtlenecks, pinstripes to leather outerwear — business casual meets comfort. Hello, Miranda Hobbes!

Darren Star Productions/HBO Max

Pastel pink button-down and a brown pinstripe vest? I think yes. Yes, yes, yes, and then yes again. A good pair of trousers and chunky loafers are two key wardrobe staples in recreating Miranda’s looks. 

Darren Star Productions/HBO Max

On her days outside of the office, it’s a real treat watching what Miss Miranda Hobbes decides to style. This is one of my personal favorite looks from season 4, episode 13: the perfect denim dress paired with a chunky cowboy belt and complete with matching gold hoops and a quoted tote bag. Wear this look this winter by adding a long-sleeved layer under the dress, a leather jacket, and some black knee-high socks

Group 4: Carrie Bradshaw

Hello to my creative, outfit-obsessed Carrie Bradshaw’s. Never seen in the same outfit twice, you’re the fashion girlie of your group, lending your closet and your innovative eye to those lucky to know you. Perhaps a bit irresponsible when it comes to budget and time management, we’ll call it even because of the great advice you share and your ability to put yourself out there. Your friends would describe you as a caring and insightful trendsetter. 

Darren Star Productions/HBO Max

Who says you can’t wear a dress over a pair of jeans? Not Carrie Bradshaw. When it comes to staying warm this winter season, why not start with the basics: your favorite pair of denim and a mini dress. Layer with a chunky sweater and a beanie, or follow your quiz match Carrie to a “t” and pair with a cropped cardigan and headband scarf. There are no rules, only serves.

If you decide to recreate any of these iconic outfits, share with us on Instagram, @cfashionista — we need to see your core 4 looks!

New to Sex and the City and wondering where to start? May I suggest the classic television series! Once you wrap there, don’t you fret; luckily for us, there are two accompanying feature films as well as a 2013 aired prequel to this renowned series titled The Carrie Diaries, and a 2022 aired series reboot. For all of this, we have the lovely, talented Candace Bushnell to thank who essentially is Carrie Bradshaw-core. Bushnell wrote a column for The New York Observer that was taken and adapted into the quintessential Sex and the City anthology, becoming the basis for the HBO hit series Sex and the City, and the subsequent creative projects. Dear Candace Bushnell, from us to you, thank you.

Featured image via Darren Star Productions/HBO Max. Design by Her Campus Media/Nechama Lock of Unsplash.