How to Save Money in Italy

July 31st, 2017 at 2:00am

There’s no better way to treat yourself after a long year of school than an awesome vacation. You can travel somewhere nice with a lot of culture and fun! A place like that would be Italy. Not only is a country with beautiful cities (and beautiful guys), it’s a very touristy place meaning is expensive! But there are some ways to make your trip cheaper and I’m here to tell them to you.

1—Eat out once a day. It’s hard to believe but you spend most of you money eating in restaurants three times a day, so choose one meal and a place to go. The other two meals you can have at your hotel room with from something you bought in the supermarket, like bread, ham, and even chocolate (because you deserve a little sugar from all the walking you’ll be doing).

2—Do not eat near attractions. For example, if you go to Rome, don’t eat anywhere near the Coliseum. The restaurants are more expensive if they are close to important attractions. The best food can be found in a little restaurant far away from downtown.

3—Skip the souvenir stores. Everything is expensive in those stores, but if you want something nice, there are a lot of one euro stores that sell nice souvenirs like pens and stickers. But pictures are the best souvenir, and they’re free.

4—Buy some gelato. Of course, is really important that you eat the famous Italian ice cream but is also really expensive, so choose your flavor wisely and don’t buy gelato near attractions either because they are going to be as twice as expensive as the ones located on side streets. If you want to try an award-winning gelato shop, go to Gelateria Dondoli. You won´t regret spending your money there because I know I didn´t.

5—Don’t buy water bottles. Water in Italy is free. Yes, that’s right, there are water fountains all around cities and you can go and fill up a bottle.

6—Take everything you need. It may seem kind of obvious, but every time we go on a vacation we forget something. We don’t take the right jacket if it’s too cold or the right summer clothes, so check the weather before you pack, because the weather can be different in some of the cities, so you don’t have to spend on something you already have.

So what do you think? Are you planning on going to Italy and take into account these tips? Let me know in the comment section below where are you going on vacation this summer!