How to Salvage Your Summer While Balancing Summer Classes

How to Salvage Your Summer While Balancing Summer Classes

As the school year ends and the adventure of summer begins, thoughts of classes, homework, finals, and late night cram sessions will be the last things on your mind. Well, unless you’re that person who is taking summer courses to get ahead and graduate as soon as you can like I am. If not, then this article is still a great read to the start of your summer!

Even though you are taking summer courses, either on campus or off, your summer is still yours. It just depends on how you make of it. For me, this summer I will be living on campus while taking online courses. Now don’t ask me why I made that decision, I don’t know myself. Coming from the cities to living in a small town college campus, you would imagine your summer as not being summer and trust me, I went through the whole denial phase myself. But really it just depends on how I saw my summer and what I was going to make of it. So far, being in a small town for the summer isn’t as bad as I thought. Even if you aren’t in a small town and are living in a more populous location, these tips can still help you turn your summer into a not so stressful one.

1—Take a hikeWith summer classes, depending on the type, they can be either super stressful or super chill. Either way, everyone still needs a break now and then, and to do that, I challenge you to explore your backyard. Even if you’re in a location that you are familiar with, there is always something new to see.

2—Try something new. Explore local cafés and cities, it doesn’t have to be far. It can be as simple as grabbing a friend or two and driving to the next city or state over for a weekend road trip.

3—Make a summer bucket listMaking a bucket list is always super helpful, it allows you to focus on what you want to do and gives you a different opportunity each summer.

4—Get a summer jobLiving that college lifestyle is not cheap, so spending your summer working while having summer classes isn’t the worst. Having that summer job allows you to gain work experience, make connections and build up that bank account for the school year.

Seriously, having an adventure while focusing on your studies isn’t that hard to do. Having a summer can be done everywhere and in any way, it just depends on how you perceive it and not what others think of it on social media. Your summer is your own and not someone else’s!

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