Rompers Then and Now—A Timeless Essential

Dresses can end in an accidental slip, but rompers will always have your back. You can still dress up and be comfortable—what’s better than that? The great thing about rompers is that they are so easy to just slip on, and they look great on all body types. Rompers have not always been the same though; in fact, they have an interesting history. They first circulated around the United States in the early 1900s, except the term “romper” was only used when referring to an outfit for young children. Small children used rompers because it allowed for them to move around easier while playing or learning to walk. Made out of soft cotton for comfort and flexibility, the romper was the go-to for many children in the 1900s.

Currently, the word “romper” is mainly used for women’s clothing, but it still applies to children’s clothing too. Rompers or jumpsuits are an easy and gorgeous summer outfit. They’re versatile—you can wear a romper for almost any kind of event depending on the style and material that it’s made of.

For a more relaxed look, rompers made of a lighter material like cotton are perfect for shopping or the beach. Rompers for dates and nights out can be more extravagant. These can be made of silk or detailed with embellished jewels. For a night out, it’s best to wear a fancy romper than a casual romper. A lot of women like to wear black rompers because they have a slimming effect. But if black just isn’t your color, go for a fun summer color like orange, red, or yellow. You’ll stick out from the crowd in any vibrant color!

You could also try pairing a darker romper with black wedges or sandals. With lighter rompers, tan or beige wedges and sandals would go best with summer colors. Like the pictures above, a deep emerald green romper with black wedges or sandals will pop for a lovely night out.

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