Revitalization of the ’90s

Trends tend to go full circle every decade or so. As skinny jeans and short-shorts began their debut in the early 2000s, it is time their reign comes to an end. In their place come the newly beloved ’90s high-waisted denim shorts. Tight fitting jeans are out. Slim waists are back.

Skinny jeans called attention to thighs and calves. The ’90s retro look places an emphasis on a smaller waist and bigger hips.

A priority of the ’90s look are the denim shorts. Particularly those denim shorts with wide legs that clasp just under the rib cage. They are such an easy article of clothing to find and wear for any casual occasion. Meant to be worn with confidence, they are flattering on any body type. Dressed up or dressed down, these 90’s denim shorts are revitalizing the trends.

This Fashionista is styling a pair of high-waisted jean shorts from Forever 21, although this is a look that can also be recreated with cuffed high-waisted jeans.

Although the denim is the emphasis of the outfit, this Fashionista pairs her shorts with a fun floral off-the-shoulder crop top to accentuate her waist. As always, accessories can make or break an outfit. This Fashionista has accessorized with a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses and a mini scrunchie, the epitome of the ’90s. She tops the look off with Birkenstock suede sandals in an earthy tone to make the denim pop.

I adore this outfit and the way this Fashionista has brought back the ’90s look. Any shirt can be substituted for this look, but I prefer to emphasize the cinched waist with a crop top.

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