Removing Makeup Off Your Face Once and for All

Removing Makeup Off Your Face Once and for All

Removing makeup is essential when trying to maintain clear skin. Everyone has their own process, but we can all agree that some are more efficient than others—and I’m talking about those who simply use facial wipes and call it a night, which is why I am here to help by not only walking you through my skincare routine but to also give you a new perspective on how to shop for new products.

I first begin with coconut oil. I pour a dime-sized amount into my hand and rub it all over my face. This helps lift the product off my face. This is then followed by removing both my makeup and the coconut oil with a fragrance-free facial wipe. I use about two wipes to remove the makeup off my face. Once this is done, I then grab two cotton pads and go over my face with some micellar water. Depending on how much makeup I am wearing and how much residue is left over on the pad, I will stop after using two.

PHOTO: Lex Kelly

After I have removed as much makeup as I can, I then wash my face with a simple cleaner with a spin brush. When I say simple, I try to stick with organic or healthier products without harsh chemicals. For me, cleansers are simply meant to remove dirt off of your face. Actually treating your acne comes through the products you use after washing your face. During the process, I do two rounds, just so that everything gets off. In the first round, I use my fingers, and in the second, I use the brush. Once this is finished, I apply ACV as my toner (definitely use a 2:1 ratio with water if your skin is sensitive), followed by tea tree oil. These two products are great for fighting bacteria which ultimately helps treat acne. Finally, I apply an oil-free lotion.

This process has seriously helped me in getting rid of my acne, treat spots, and prevent any future pimples from propping up (pun intended). I definitely recommend figuring out what your makeup removing procedure is and pinpointing why you use those specific products because what you apply to your face matters. If what you’re doing isn’t working, try using more natural products such as gentler cleansers or toners—such as witch hazel or ACV—and an acne-fighting product like tea tree oil. Find out which oils are best for your skin and what you’re trying to treat, and use it. Be patient during the process of finding out what works for you, and you will discover it in no time.

Figuring out how to create different facial routines can be tough. Comment below with your own!

Featured photo by Lex Kelly.