The Biggest Comeback Trend You Probably Didn't See Coming

MAJOR RESURGENCE ALERT: Tinted shades are back in action once again (and Instagram approved). Considering they combine both the current “so ugly it’s cool” obsession and ’70s retro-vibes, the return of these super-chic sunnies shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Seeing the world through literal tinted glasses is like stepping into a fashion time warp. Who knew a single accessory would be a nostalgic trip down memory lane to your middle school prime, the sound of ’90s boybands in the background as you scour Claire’s Accessories for your first pair with the money you saved up from babysitting.

(Photo via @lilydonaldson)

And while with many nostalgic trends, it’s easy to let the awkward memories of your youth dissuade you, we can’t help but crush hard for these sunglasses. From oversized aviators to ombré-lensed rectangles, there’s something so flirty and fun about seeing someones eyes through their lenses. The see-through lens is what every fashion it-girl is sporting right now, and we are diggin’ it. 

Shades of cotton candy pink, and ocean blue have been complementing the cheekbones of celebrities, tastemakers, and bloggers everywhere— and you’re next.

(Photo via @mmoor)

Ok, I know this trend is intimidating, but it’s time to put your favorite black sunglasses to rest. Don’t believe me? Take a 36 second scroll through your social media feed for Instagram-sourced evidence that the coolest street style superstars are bringing this look back to life.

(Photo via @double3xposure)

Not all sunglasses have to be so dark and mysterious. Colorful lenses let you see the world in a whole new light. Take my word for it, this blast from the past will gain a must-have place in your accessories wardrobe before you know it.

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