Does This Instagrammable Beauty Product Really Work?

You’ve seen it on Instagram; you’ve heard about it on YouTube; beauty bloggers everywhere just cannot seem to get enough of it. Sure, we love the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater for it’s aesthetically pleasing packaging and cruelty-free, paraben-free formula. But is this millennial pink mist worth the hype or just a good way to blow $7 on a ‘gram?

What does it do? Well, that’s a good question. This spray is marketed as a “rejuvenating facial spray you won’t want to be without. Use it to set makeup, soothe your skin in dehydrating conditions, or to give your skin a quick boost anytime, anywhere.” It can also be used as a hair and/or body mist. So basically it claims to solve all your skin problems, make your makeup look amazing, and solve world hunger? (Okay well maybe not the last part but I’m not saying it can’t.)

Does it work? In my opinion, yes. This beauty product sets makeup well, but also can be used before bed as a skin hydrator. I like to use it in the morning after I clean my skin and before I start my makeup, to set my makeup, and after I clean my skin at the end of the night. For warm weather days, I also like to spritz on some of the spray to freshen up my face. With a price tag of $12.00, the larger 8 fluid ounce bottle has lasted me about six months of daily use—so the cost per use is pennies. 

The verdict: The hype is real with this one. Definitely worth forgoing your next latte and spending the extra cash on this super Instagrammable and magical beauty product. Your skin and feed will thank you.

What other hyped about beauty products do you want us to test out? Let us know in the comments below!