How To Be Poppin’ For Back-To-School

Sponsored by Poppin.

I don’t care how old you get—it is hard not to get excited about new school supplies. Call it nostalgia; call it a clean start. Whatever you call it, nothing beats the feeling of opening a fresh notebook, the glide of a new pen or arranging your desk set-up before the first day of school.

And while the joy of school supply shopping is still there, our taste has definitely elevated beyond cartoon characters and superheroes laden folders. That is why we love Poppin. Their workspace essentials offer a balance of minimalist design with personality. From notebooks to scissors, organize trays to desk sets, Poppin’s family of products allows you to mix and match to create an inspiring workspace as unique as you!

Check out how three of our Style Gurus are making sure their back-to-school is “Poppin,” thanks to Poppin!

Kira Pauley, University of Kentucky

I’m a very creative person at heart and love to use my desk to not only do homework, but to paint and sew. These blue accessories help me stay organized between work and play.

Suzie Baldwin, Iowa State

I’m most focused when I’m at my desk – it’s when I launch into hyper-organization mode. As an Apparel Merchandise and Design major, I’m very focused on aesthetics. I love that these neutral accessories make my workspace as beautiful as my work!

Kristy McInnis, Oregon State

To be honest, I spend a lot of my time procrastinating on fashion websites or designing on Photoshop – so I need my desk to be fun, but functional! I love that these accessories bring boldness and glamour into my space.

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