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A Pop of Color for the Summer

A Pop of Color for the Summer


If you are anything like me, the contents in your closet can sometimes appear to be a sea of dark colored clothing. White, black and blue hues seem to dominate my wardrobe. There’s nothing truly wrong with favoring certain colors over others, but it’s always good to try something new—it’s refreshing to think of the changing seasons as new beginnings where you can set resolutions to improve your life and your look. After all, with new seasons come new opportunities to take risks and see what unique looks you can create!


Spring cleaning makes way for new summer styles. This summer I encourage you to introduce more bold colors to your wardrobe. Sounds easy enough…Well, generally speaking, completely revamping your wardrobe doesn’t always come cheap. I learned this as a result of spending way more time than I would like to admit on Pinterest and at (one of my favorite places in the world,) the mall.


What I learned was that accessories can be a girl’s best friend when she is tip-toeing her way into a full-blown wardrobe makeover.

For starters, I began by collecting colorful accessories for my neutral colored clothing. I found that the same pop-of-color effect can be done at a fraction of the cost. If you are balling on a budget this season don’t worry, you got this. Whether it’s colorful shoes, necklaces, lipsticks, sunglasses, earrings or scarves, even the most minimal accessory can make a major difference in any look.

A closet full of black, white, and blue clothing can be best complimented with any primary-colored accessories. In the look pictured here, I began with a classic outfit consisting of a plain white top and blue jeans as my base. By simply introducing a red scarf to my outfit, it went from overdone and blasé to unique and personal.

Regardless of what your closet looks like, I challenge you to add some colorful accessories to your wardrobe. Oh, and never be afraid to experiment and see what new looks you can create. Be your own mini creative stylist. As painter Frida Kahlo said, “I am my own muse, the subject I know best.” In other words, remember that YOU are the subject that you know best. YOU know what you are most comfortable wearing. And YOU know what you feel most confident in. All in all, no matter what outfit you create, just make sure YOU OWN IT.

This summer, I hope you find lots of comfort, colors, and confidence through fashion.

Feel free to share your colorful creations with me in the comments below!