How to Personalize Your College Dorm Room

Moving into college can be stressful, to say the least, but moving into a dark, plain, and dreadful dorm room is not fun for anyone. I am sharing my six favorite decorating tips to help you Fashionistas spice up those boring dorm rooms. You will have the cutest dorm in the whole residence hall in no time!

1—Pictures. What better way to make your dreadful dorm room feel more like home? Moving away from your friends and family can be hard. Pictures are a great way to personalize your room while bringing a piece of home with you. Display your pictures with cute string lights or decorative frames to keep it stylish.

2—Monograms. Personalizing your items with your monogram is practical yet very cute and stylish. You can use your monogram in a variety of ways!.Check out some DIYs on how to make your own monogram decor.

3—Wall art. Decorate your walls with adorable signs and pieces of art. One of my favorite ways to decorate my walls is with tapestries. Another way to spice up a boring wall is with signs with some of my favorite quotes on them. This will personalize and brighten up your dull room!

4—Style icon. As a Fashionista, having quotes and/or pictures of your favorite style icon is a must. My all-time favorite style icon is Audrey Hepburn so decorating my room with Tiffany blue and iconic pictures of Audrey was something I had to do. This personalized my room while showing off my inner Fashionista.

5—Lights. Decorating your dorm room with cute lights will not only personalize your room but brighten the dullness of it. String lights are a perfect choice and you can even clip on some pictures to personalize it even more.

6—Flowers. Keep your dorm alive by placing flowers or other plants around the room. Placing your flowers in cute mason jars will spice up the boringness of the room. If you are not someone to keep plants alive, then an alternative to this decor is using artificial flowers, same look but less work!

How will you be decorating your room this fall? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.