The Perks of Having a Food Instagram

Working in a different city can be quite intimidating. Many college students are interning in cities that are not their home. However, summer internships are great opportunities for new adventures and exploration. How does one do this best? I created a food Instagram.  A food Instagram is a perfect excuse to go out and discover parts of a new city. There are so many perks to having this new kind of account.

What’s more enjoyable than a waffle cone? A sweet treat is one of the best accessories to a cute summer outfit. One of the best things about the summer is the time you get to spend on brunch dates or late night eats (when you are not working, of course). Having a food Instagram gives me the chance to find some hidden gems in the new city I am living in. That city is Providence. Not only is it the creative capital of the world, but it also has some of the best eats in the country.

My new food profile allows me to interact with so many people that range from friends to strangers. A meal brings people together. Any reason you can get to make memories, take it. My food Instagram certainly gives me that chance. It also gives me the chance to venture out and try new foods. It certainly can push you to be different and embrace change.

Creating a new food alias is super fun and super easy! If you love Instagram and a good bite to eat, you will definitely enjoy having such an account. More and more people are starting to create their own accounts and this delicious trend is something that everyone should try.

Go put on a pair of sunglasses, take a drive, and go start your food Instagram. Be sure to tag @CFashionista with both your sweet treat and your even sweeter outfit.