7 Different Fragrances to Wear for Every Occasion

October 9th, 2017 at 2:00am

When creating looks, we often pick out the perfect outfit, accessories, and makeup. But most people forget about perfumes. Perfume is the statement we make walking into a room, and the signature we leave when we exit. Coco Chanel said, “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” As farfetched as that statement seems, I think she was on to something. Finding and wearing your fragrance is a purposeful act, just like every step you make toward your future. You must first find a scent that speaks to you. Then, you must learn whether it’s appropriate for every occasion. To help you find the one, here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular fragrance categories right now and when you should wear them.

PHOTO: Cassidy Clark


Floral perfume is to fragrance as what spring is to every year: a breath of fresh air. Floral scents are some of the most popular perfumes on the market. They’re light, dainty, and flaunt youth. Wearing a floral fragrance is appropriate for any occasion if it’s not overdone.


Compared to floral perfume, green scents smell more natural and less sweet. Green perfume has overtones of fresh cut grass and tea tree oil. Unless you love this scent, I wouldn’t recommend green fragrances for formal events because it smells very much like the outdoors.


Woodsy perfumes are one step more natural than green perfumes and two steps more masculine than floral perfumes. Fragrances with woodsy tones are usually a cocktail of pine, sandalwood, tobacco, and artificial smoke. Woodsy perfumes are heavier, which is great for the fall and winter months.

warm and spicy

Warm and spicy perfume is a heavier, richer scent usually worn when it’s colder. Tinges of amber, clove, cinnamon, and musk are usually found in warm and spicy perfumes. A caveat to woodsy and warm and spicy fragrances is that they’re not all suitable to wear while eating. The strength of the perfume and the strength of a meal can be so overpowering that you’ll lose your appetite.

PHOTO: Anna Coke


Oceanic perfume is light, fun, and natural like what you’d smell on vacation or at a spa. Nuances of seaweed, sea salt, and sand are what define oceanic fragrances. Oceanic perfumes are relaxing and can be worn anytime.


Fruity fragrances are fun, fresh, and rejuvenating. They’re sweet like floral scents, but they pack a punch of energy. Spray some citrus perfume, and you’ll smell juicy and ripe anywhere.


Fresh perfume is light and comforting. It’s a neutral scent perfect for any occasion. Just think of clean laundry, fresh cotton, and soap.

Now that you know the types of perfumes, enjoy the adventure of finding your own! Once you do, set an intention to spray some on every morning. Also, make sure to have a backup scent for certain occasions.

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Featured photo by Anna Coke.