The Perfect Lightweight Skin and Hair Products for Summer

The Perfect Lightweight Skin and Hair Products for Summer

During the summer months, I tend to forget about caring for my skin and hair. I let the sun help with any acne or blemishes I have lingering, and I usually forget about my hair and embrace its natural texture. Yikes. Lately, I’ve been in the habit of using a couple lightweight products religiously, and I swear by them.

Lightweight Hair Products

I have very fine, dry hair and the sun completely destroys it every summer. I’ve tried everything from salt water spray to all different kind of oils. Nothing ever seems to work, but recently I bought an amazing product made by Kenra. This product is called Revive Complex, and it’s a creamy oil that you apply to damp hair. I promise you, it works wonders. My hair gets smoother and healthier each time I use it. 

Lightweight Skin Care Products

I’ve also found a solution to my year-round dry skin. I have three products I’ve used on my face every morning the past couple weeks, and all of them are incredibly lightweight and easy to apply. First, I wash my face, dry it, then follow up with a Garnier facial moisturizer. It’s very lightweight, and you can use it anytime of the day without worrying about your face looking greasy. Next, even if I’m going to apply minimal makeup to my face, I use a primer. I use one that smoothes out pores, because my pores tend to be a little large. Using one pump is a perfect amount for one layer. Finally, I use a Mario Badescu rosewater spray. This spray is perfect to use when you want to refresh your skin or set your makeup. I first use it to set my makeup, but during the day I spray it a few times to freshen up!

Trying a few lightweight products like these can make a huge difference in your skin and hair care. There are thousands of similar products to go for, but all of these are affordable and illuminating. After getting ready with these products, I always spritz a little bit of body mist on me. But then again…who doesn’t?

Do you prefer lightweight products like these in the summer? Let us know in the comments below!