How to Overcome Your Fashion Fears

June 20th, 2017 at 2:00am

“I love that, but I could never pull it off,” you say as you walk into your favorite retail store, your eye immediately drawn to the metallic wide-leg pants hanging in the corner. You walk up to the pants, hoping to muster up the confidence to take them to the dressing room, but it never comes.

We are all guilty of saying it. Whether it is in our heads or to our gal pals, every Fashionista has regrettably muttered the phrase, “I could never pull that off.” But why? Why are we so scared to wear something that may be unconventional or out of the ordinary? Why do we let what others think dictate our style?

Here are three tips to help you conquer your biggest fashion fears.

1–Try it on. This tip is the easiest and most overlooked. In the safety of a dressing room, you have the freedom to try on anything you like with only one critic: yourself. If something catches your eye, try it on. Strike a pose. Watch your confidence soar as you fall in love with an article of clothing that once held so much apprehension.

2–Imagine where you would wear itWhen in the fitting room, one of the most important steps is to picture where you might wear this outfit. Can you see yourself walking down the streets of Manhattan or at the newest rooftop bar with your squad? If you cannot shake this image, take a leap, buy that bright floral jumpsuit, and show off your signature style.

3–Put it on hold. If you try it on and are still unsure, try putting it on hold. Have an employee put it in the holding area and go about the rest of your shopping trip. This will be a test for how much you really like the apparel. If throughout your day you cannot stop thinking about and compare everything else you like to that mesh dress you saw earlier, you should buy it.

The next time you start thinking you can’t pull something off, ask yourself, “Why the reluctance?” You should wear what you love and love what you wear and never hold yourself back from showcasing who you are.

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