An Outfit for Beating the Desert Heat

August 9th, 2017 at 2:00am

This summer, I was able to take a trip to Las Vegas while also visiting the Grand Canyon and seeing the city for all it has to offer. Unlike Chicago, Las Vegas brought a dry desert heat with temperatures up to over 100 degrees, so luckily I did not have to bother bringing a jacket everywhere I went. While visiting the Las Vegas Strip seemed to be hectic at times, many of the sights there were perfect spots for photo ops. Dodging Chicago’s stormy weather for Vegas’ beautiful sun, I decided to wear some of my favorite summer pieces throughout the week.

I chose to go for light, airy pieces in order to avoid getting extremely hot while walking the Vegas strip or going to a restaurant. On this specific day, I chose to wear a striped button-down comfortable enough to withstand the heat. I was able to cover up a bit while also feeling cool enough to do a great amount of walking. Although the striped button-down fell mid-thigh, I wore a black skirt under it in order to avoid any mishaps or a sudden gust of wind. Along with the button-down and skirt, I paired a pair of white and blue sneakers to match the light blue hues found on the button-down. The shoes were comfortable enough to walk far distances in, and also added a casual touch to my look.

To accessorize, I chose to wear my everyday silver jewelry: a stack of bracelets and a simple diamond necklace. With the Las Vegas strip bustling with people day and night, choosing to go for simple accessories helped me avoid my jewelry getting dropped, lost, or caught onto things or people. This allowed me to worry about one less thing while I continually weaved and walked along side hundreds of people.

The switch from cold, stormy weather to the intense heat in Vegas was a nice change, and I’m glad I was able to wear summer clothing pieces without worrying about whether or not I would get chilly later on in the day. With the anticipation of more summer heat bringing the sun and higher temperatures, I am getting more and more excited to wear and buy new pieces fit for hot, sunny days. Hopefully, though, Chicago’s weather will make a turn for the better, and I won’t have to travel somewhere warm just to bring out my summer clothing.

Even so, I am sure I’ll find a way to work my summer clothes to whatever weather Chicago decides to bring, and hope you find ways to work your favorite summer pieces into whatever weather decides to bring to your area also.

Do you have any staple pieces that you love to wear in the summer heat? If so, comment below, I’d love to know!



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