5 Styles to Try if You Wash Your Hair Once a Week

About a year ago, I decided to train my hair to be washed only once a week. I will say that it was a greasy process. But my hair was never better once it got used to the minimal washing. During the last year, I’ve religiously stuck to these hairstyles to get me through the week.

down and dirty

This is a second-day style for me. Along with minimal washing, there is also minimal brushing involved in my no-frills hair routine. This often leaves my thick hair very tangled, but it also has a lot of texture and volume. If you’re just starting out on your low-maintenance hair care journey, spraying some dry shampoo at the roots will help hide the oil that’s beginning to show.

low, messy braid

A classic hairstyle for every girl with long hair. The key to my perfect messy braid is, again, not brushing my hair and using plenty of texturizing spray. Keeping it low and pulling it apart leaves it messy in that cool girl way and also disguises any product and oil build-up on your scalp.

PHOTO: Stella Fanega

tousled ponytail

This is the first of two ponytail styles that work best with dirty hair. This one is the voluminous, messy, crazy ponytail that takes under a minute to do. Grab your volumizing spray, a hair tie, and dishevel that ponytail. I make mine look more voluminous by pulling up on the hair tie as I tighten and then running my fingers through my scalp to pull up and loosen the hair on top.

sleek ponytail

Using the oil in your hair to your advantage is key for this easy style. While it may be scary at first, brushing out your hair to reveal all the grease that’s appeared over the last few days will help to perfect this style. Just slick back your hair into a high ponytail, wrap a piece around to cover the hair tie, and smooth out the ponytail with some hair oil to keep it sleek… or just let your own hair oil work its magic.

PHOTO: Stella Fanega


When all else fails—or you’re nearing the end of the week and your hair is really starting to show it’s lack of cleanliness—a topknot will solve all of your problems. This is my go-to for most days. Just twist, secure, and go. It’s that simple. Just don’t forget to spray some more of that dry shampoo before you start this style.

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Featured photo by Stella Fanega.