One Scarf, 5 Ways

July 17th, 2017 at 2:00am

Have you ever attempted to leave the house, but feel as if your outfit is missing something? Some type of accessory that pulls the whole look together? Well, that happens to me more than half of the time and I tend to opt for a scarf. Scarves can be used in so many different ways and each wear makes the outfit look different.

1—The neck scarf. The neck scarf serves the purpose of adding more interest to the upper body. Depending on the scarf, it could be more of a statement or more of a completion to the look. There are many ways to tie the scarf around the neck, but here I chose to make it thick with only a little tie.

2—The belt. This is a good substitution for a belt or even just a pop of color. The look of the scarf instead of a belt seems a bit softer. You could use it as a belt over a dress or jumpsuit to break it up, but I chose to pair it with these jeans I cut from the thrift store.

3—The hat scarf. Sometimes I don’t feel like wearing my hat because it’s such a large piece, I feel like it can take over the whole outfit and be very noticeable if I wear it multiple times. I like to switch up the look a bit by tying a scarf around to add a different interest and outlook on it.

4—Around the bun. Your hair doesn’t actually need to be in a bun, but tying it around a ponytail or bun, for me, adds fullness and volume. Sometimes, instead of a scrunchie, I tie the scarf around it which can lift the ponytail or bun depending on how you style it.

5—As a headband. This one is my favorite. You can tie it as a headband, but it’s such a versatile look. You can tie it and hide the knot down by the nape of the neck, keep the knot, but place it on the top of the head (either in the center, or to the side), or you can tie it in a bow and show that it at the top, or pull the long pieces down to the nape of the neck and let them flow with the rest of your hair.

There are many other ways to use a scarf, such as an ankle ascot, on your purse, around a belt loop—the options are endless. They are also easy to find or make yourself. This one I picked up at the thrift store. I have a bandana I also picked up and I cut a 3-centimeter slit around each edge and tore the rest off to give it a distressed look. I use it the same way as my scarves.

Let me know how you like to incorporate scarves into your outfits in the comments below!