One Outfit, 4 Summer Trends

June 20th, 2017 at 2:00am

With every summer, comes new trends for the eager fashion lover to take a swing at. This summer brings layered jewelry, block-heeled sandals, unconventional denim, and more. In this one look, I combined four of my favorite summer trends. Take on one new trend at a time or tackle them all at once—your choice! Here are a few of my favorite trends for this summer.

1—Layered Jewelry

This summer, there is no such thing as too much jewelry. Stack on your chokers, long necklaces, and every length in between. Pile on the rings and bracelets, too! Gone are the days of a single necklace around your neck. Mix and match as you please to turn your simple blouse and shorts look into an epic and put-together look.

2—Bold Mirrored Sunglasses

Sunglasses are always fun to play around with in the summer. This year, trade in your broad-framed, neutral ones for a colorful mirrored pair of shades. They add a bit of a music festival vibe to a look, and they are a fun way to play with color. The mirrored effect adds a unique cool-girl vibe to any of your summer looks. You can take photos with really cool reflections, too!

3—Unconventional Denim

What do I mean by this? I am referring to denim dresses, rompers, soft shorts, and the many other pieces denim can be sewn into. Tight denim shorts are for the past. Instead, take on the girl-next-door look with a structured denim dress or romper. These unconventional denim pieces can make any look unique, but still all-American.

4—Block-Heeled Sandals

Need a lift but don’t want to deal with the pain of walking in heels? Pick up a pair of sandals with just a little heel. Pair them with shorts and a blouse or your favorite summer dress. Either way, they are a super comfy way to rock heels this summer.

What are your favorite summer trends? Take a photo and tag @CFashionista on Twitter or Instagram!