I Had One Day in Venice, Here’s What I Wore

Venice, Italy is a place I had always dreamed of. I fell in love with photos of the long, peaceful canals, the multicolored buildings with flowers in the windows, the cobblestone streets clad with cafés, shops, and fruit stands. So, naturally, even though it was about four hours away from the town I was studying in for a month, I was determined to make the journey. With only one full day to explore the town, I wanted to wear something that would withstand the long day but also make me feel like a part of the romantic town. Here’s what I decided to go with.

Step One: The Dress

First, I chose a simple, black midi dress. This is one of my favorite items in my closet, because of its versatility, comfort, and class. A basic dress like this can be worn in countless ways; it can be dressed up or down, and pretty much anything looks good with it. Another great thing is the breeziness of the material and design. Its light and airy so you don’t get hot, which is essential for walking around in the summer heat all day.

This dress really made me feel like I was a Venetian. In Italy, you see a lot of longer, looser skirts and pants. As I walked down the streets with this dress blowing in the wind, I felt like I truly belonged in the town.

Also, one of the best parts about this dress? The style of it makes it super easy to go braless. And if you’re anything like me, that is a win.

Step Two: The Hat

I knew that if I was wandering around Venice all day, I needed to bring my beloved boating hat. These hats are kind of a quintessential Italian accessory, as you will see tons of street vendors selling all types of them. I wanted to wear mine to pay tribute to the gondoliers, the adorable men in their striped shirts and straw hats that steer the boats all day.

Aside from being a sort of sentimental symbol of Italy, the hat jazzed up my outfit in a great way too. It made it so I didn’t have to accessorize a whole lot, which contributed well to my comfort. It also did its job keeping the sun out of my face, thus keeping most of my makeup in tact throughout the day.

I ultimately knew the hat was the right choice when I took a look at all the great photos I got from it. Thank you, magical hat.

My philosophy when picking an outfit for a special travel adventure is to be comfortable, but to wear something you are going to look back on happily. My breezy dress and hat served me well with all the wandering and boat-riding. But most of all, I felt like a true Venetian.

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