Why I Don’t Wear Makeup: 9 Students on Going Bare-Faced

January 16th, 2018 at 11:00am
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I’m someone who usually opts for a full face of makeup, but I wanted to try something totally new. So as a New Year’s resolution of sorts, I spontaneously decided to try a week without makeup to see if going bare-faced would affect my daily life. Surprisingly, I was able to successfully part ways with all of the contents of my precious makeup bag pretty easily, from my foundation all the way to my highlighter. But what I wasn’t expecting was that I really started to reflect on why I chose to wear so much makeup for so long.  

Opting for a bare face has actually helped me feel more confident because I’ve placed more emphasis on my skincare routine than ever before, giving me a more even skin tone and a glow the likes of which I’ve never seen. Despite my concerns, less makeup made me feel more empowered and comfortable in my own skin. I don’t need makeup to feel amazing. And neither do these students, who shared with me why they too choose to go makeup-free. Here’s what they had to say.

“No amount of beauty product can alter what I feel inside.”

“I used to wear a full face of makeup complete with highlighter, bronzer, and eyeliner, and it would take about a half hour every morning. Now, I’ve really scaled back my daily makeup look when I go to class. It’s certainly saved me a lot of time and definitely has made me feel more confident going bare-faced.” — Lexa Krajewski, Boston University, Class of 2019

“Worrying about my makeup staying or smudging is unrealistic for me. I found that not wearing makeup has brought me so much positivity. Even if I have a breakout or circles under my eyes, I know that I’m still me, and no amount of beauty product can alter what I feel inside. For me, it gives me this outlet of freedom.” — Alyssa Roca, Baruch College, Class of 2016

“I usually wear little to no makeup on a day-to-day basis. It makes me feel like I’m not hiding behind something and that I am confident with who I am.” — Kayley Meden, University of Utah, Class of 2020

“I feel better about myself without makeup because my skin feels healthier.”

“I don’t wear makeup because it tends to make me break out and irritate my skin. I have always been someone who feels most comfortable without makeup. I feel empowered to own my natural self, especially on campus. I think that feeling confident with your natural beauty is an important part of being confident in all you do.” — Samantha Josee Ellis, University of Kansas, Class of 2019

“I like having a natural face—I’m constantly touching it throughout the day because it feels so much better when it’s bare. My skin has also cleared up a lot since I stopped wearing foundation every day.” — Megan Wilson, University of Arkansas, Class of 2020

“I wore makeup a lot in middle school, but I had really really bad acne. I’ve always had glasses that seem to cover half my face, so I decided to stop wearing makeup until my skin cleared up. For me, I feel better about myself without makeup because my skin feels healthier.” — Katiee McKinstry, University of North Georgia, Class of 2018

“I decided to spend more time and money on my skincare routine than my makeup routine.”

“In high school, I wore a full face of makeup every day, and it got to the point where I didn’t want most people to see me without it. But when I got to college, I noticed barely anyone wore very much, and I realized I wanted to be comfortable with how I looked. I started by wearing less to get myself comfortable with the feeling, and eventually I didn’t wear any at all.” — Taryn Hoffman, North Carolina State University, Class of 2019

“At work and school, I never wear makeup. I used to wear it everyday, but eventually I learned that makeup is not a necessity. I believe I’m beautiful with or without makeup, and that truly empowers me to be natural.” — Deja Miller, University of Florida, Class of 2019

“I first decided to wear less makeup when I started breaking out during the spring of my freshman year. At the time, I was buying more concealer as opposed to trying a new cleanser. I decided to spend more time and money on my skincare routine than my makeup routine. I learned how to appreciate the process and love my skin along the way. Now, I go days without wearing an ounce of makeup, and there’s freedom in a natural look. People have even complimented my skin because I have put so much effort into maintaining it.” — Julissa Ramirez, Rutgers University, Class of 2019

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Featured photo by @alyssaroca.