9 Reasons Why Short Hair Will Be the Best Thing You Do All Summer

Summertime can be filled with adventures, beach trips, and endless relaxation. Or, it may include starting an internship in a new city. No matter what, summer is always an exciting time, filled with heat. Shouldn’t your hair be as adventurous and carefree as the summer? I’d say so. As someone with thick, plentiful wavy hair, I have spent years searching for the ideal hairstyle, and I think I have figured it out: pixie cuts.

I’ve compiled a list of reasons why short hair is the way to go for summer, and honestly for all seasons of the year.

1—The freedom. There is nothing as liberating as letting go of the hair on your head. Short hair feels lighter and simpler. You’re also freeing yourself from stagnation and beauty standards.

2—Natural hair. Depending on your hair type, you may be able to air dry your hair and go completely natural. This saves time styling, reduces heat damage, and hair product costs.

3—The options. There are countless ways you can style your hair even though you have less of it. Some think less hair equals fewer hair styles, but the flexibility in styling comes in a different way. Instead of buns and braids, there are tons of different accessories, such as hats and headbands to change up your look. Not to mention gels, pomades, and serums provide different textures and amounts of volume.

4—The showers. If you have long, thick hair, you know that showering can be a chore, taking forever for hair to dry or to get the shampoo out. Also, with shorter showers, you can have more free time (to play around with styling!) and a lower water bill isn’t bad either.

5—Less hair product. Less hair means you need less hair product on a daily basis. Suddenly trial size products feel huge. This makes traveling easier and lightweight.

6—The confidence. You can’t hide behind your hair, allowing you to feel bold and independent by selecting a style that so few people dare to try.

7—Repairing. You can get a fresh start and repair hair damage from dyes or heat. This is also a great opportunity to try out new hair colors because you will be able to cut damaged hair off sooner.

8—The gym. Having to do your hair for the gym is a thing of the past. You may still want to use a headband or bobby pin to push some bangs away from your face but the bulk of your hair can stay put.

9—Emphasizes your face. Now that most of your hair is gone, your face is no longer covered by it. That means your hair accessories will be highlighted. Also, your makeup and jewelry are brought to a focus, making the perfect opportunity to try some bold looks.

I hope that all of my trials and tribulations will come as a benefit to you. Have you ever considered a major chop? Let me know. Short hair has definitely won my heart (and head).