National Workaholics Day—Check Out Behind the Scenes at CollegeFashionista

Coming off the high of a holiday weekend is rough. Just when you are beginning to get used to sleeping in, actually sitting down to enjoy a cup of coffee and finally getting caught up on Orange is the New Black—BAM! It’s back to work (work, work) we must go.

It also happens to be National Workaholics Day—which seems quite fitting. After a holiday weekend, Tuesday is the new Monday which means your inbox is twice as full and you should probably make that Americano a double.

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So as we here at CollegeFashionista get back to the fashionable grind, we thought we would give you a glimpse into the “typical” day at CollegeFashionista and our rockstar team!

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Behind the cleverly written articles, beautiful Instagram shots and funny SnapChats, there is a team here at CollegeFashionista working to make it all happen. And “typical day”? Well, that doesn’t exist. (I know, clichè.) While each day is different, the schedule pretty much follows: work, hustle, caffeine, repeat. Mixed in the grind, however, we do find time to have some fun, literally LOL and treat ourselves to some deliciously good times.

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Check out this round-up of some of the latest #CFOffline shenanigans from the CollegeFashionista team and our interns in honor of National Workaholics Day!