Monochromatic Makeup: The Runway Look Perfect For Everyday

Anyone who has ever seen someone walk the runway has probably has probably thought who would ever wear that? And where on earth WOULD they wear it? This can be especially true when it comes to the wild makeup looks some models sport. It can be hard to try and take beauty looks from the runway to everyday style. Professional makeup artists often do awesome-yet-impractical looks that you might not want to wear to your eight a.m. lecture. But one look that is super suitable for an everyday look is monochromatic makeup.

All it requires? Matching your eyeshadow to your lipstick. Check out the following tutorial to see how to pull of this look on your own:

  1. To start the look, pick a color scheme.

    I like to do either orange or pink, but any color works. Today I decided to go with an allover orange look. I started  with a full face already done. For me that means foundation, concealer, setting powered, bronzer, and highlighter. I also filled in my eyebrows with a light brown pencil. 

  2. Wet brushing.

    I started with my eyes for this look, beginning by wetting my eyeshadow brush. This allows for a more saturated base color. Eyeshadow palettes are particularly useful for this type of look because the colors usually coordinate already. 

  3. Orange.

    Next, I dipped my brush into a dark orange eyeshadow. I then swiped this shade across my whole eyelid. At this point the shadow was not blended, so the edges were not soft. 

  4. Nudes.

    After the dark orange, I used a small fluffy brush to swipe a light nude shade into my crease. This helped blend out the harsh lines made by the first color. That’s it for eyeshadow! I finished off the eyes with a few coats of Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. 

  5. Next, on to the lips.

    I started with a coral lip crayon, and filled in my whole lip. I like to start by outlining my lips, which makes it easier to color between the lines.

  6. Layering.

    On top of the coral crayon, I layered a classic red lipstick, and blended in order to get a color that better matched my eyeshadow.And…done! I love how simple and versatile this look can be. This time ’round I took it a step further and matched my monochromatic makeup with an orange scarf, however, you can pair this look with whatever outfit feels right. It’s perfect for class, brunch, or a night out! Have you tried taking a runway trend and adapting it for everyday? Show us on social media and tag @CFashionista.