On the Menu for Summer 2017

On the Menu for Summer 2017

The rise of social media has proven that food has the ability to become as trendy as strappy sandals this summer. Restaurants focus on creating not just the tastiest and most attractive food, but also on crafting unique delicacies in hopes that their treat will be worthy of a Snapchat story or Instagram post. These foods are highlighted at markets like Smorgasburg, Bite of Seattle, and Night Market, where foodies prepare their stomachs and cameras for the best foods the city has to offer. Put on those bright shades and get ready to indulge with this list of the trendiest foods of summer 2017.

1—Pitaya Bowls. Pitaya is an exotic dragonfruit from Central/South America. It has a myriad of health benefits including antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber while remaining low-calorie. Its vibrant pink flesh can be eaten alone but is most often sold (or made at home!) as a bowl blended like a smoothie. Juice bars top pitaya bowls with fresh ingredients like fruit, granola, and coconut as they threaten to become the new-and-improved acai bowl.

2—Poke Bowls. Native to Hawaii, this “deconstructed sushi bowl” is taking mainland America by storm. Poke bowls consist of a layer of rice topped with pieces of fresh, raw fish, crisp vegetables, and tasty sauces. It offers a refreshing alternative to typical salads or classic sushi. These healthy, bright bowls have endless delicious combinations that will continue to highlight Hawaiian cuisine this summer.

3—Gourmet Ice Cream. Last year’s emergence of rolled ice cream proved that ice cream can no longer just be ice cream. The trend continues this summer as vendors craft new desserts such as black ice cream, sandwiches made with donuts and waffles, outrageous flavors like rose petal and ganache, and decorative toppings like toasted marshmallow and cereal. The possibilities are endless this summer for the classic sweet treat.

4—Edible Cookie Dough. Gone are the days of sneaking bites of cookie dough from the mixing bowl. Egg-less and better than ever, edible cookie dough is sold in bakeries nationwide. It is scooped into a bowl or cone, like ice cream, with delectable toppings and flavor combinations.  

5—Matcha. The powdered version of green tea is now adopted into ice cream flavors, lattes, and smoothies. Matcha adds a sweet taste to summer with countless health benefits such as vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids to refine classic treats. Healthy ice cream was once considered impossible, but matcha flavored ice cream proves otherwise this summer!

6—Donuts. While this mouthwatering staple never went out of style, donuts have definitely never been as trendy as they are this summer. Donut cafes are sprouting up nationwide, offering unique flavor combinations with heavenly fillings. Instagram is nearly covered with videos of Nutella-filled donuts and freshly baked donut towers. Dunkin’ Donuts has some catching up to do!

How will you beat the heat this summer?  Comment below with your favorite summer 2017 foods, and don’t forget to tag @CFashionista in your trendiest food-stagrams!