How to Master Effortless Curls for Any Occasion

August 7th, 2017 at 2:00am
How to Master Effortless Curls for Any Occasion

If I ever came across a genie who were to grant me three wishes, one of my wishes would be to wake up every morning with perfectly curled hair. Unfortunately, this wish cannot be granted to everyone. In the meantime, I have been mastering effortless curls for any occasion in only 15 minutes or less, and make it last for days. This look is perfect for a summer wedding, the first day back to school, or a night out with friends. Read on to see how you can master these effortless curls.

1—Prep. Every outfit needs the right undergarments, every beauty look needs a clean and fresh face, and the same goes for your hair. To start this look it is important to brush out any knots and apply heat protectant, which will help to prevent heat damage to your hair. I would recommend sectioning your hair in at least two sections if you have thicker locks. This will make it easier to grab pieces when you start curling.

2—Grab your tools. The type and size of your curling iron will determine the type of curls you will get. The bigger the barrel, the bigger the curls, and the smaller the barrel, the smaller the curls. For this look, this Fashionista used a one-inch tapered curling wand. This wand creates more of a wave curl as opposed to tight ringlets that a curling iron with a clamp would give you. If you want bigger curls or waves, opt for a 1 ½ inch or 2-inch barrel.

3—Curl away. Begin wrapping one-inch sections or more of hair around the barrel. Alternate which way you wrap the hair around the barrel to give your hair more dimension. It is best to hold the iron in a downward position to create a tapered curl.

4—Spray and style. After you’ve completed curling, it’s time to shake out the curls for a relaxed look. To avoid sticky and stiff hair, switch out your hairspray for sea salt spray. I love this Surf Spray from Bumble and Bumble. This product will help give you more of a beachy texture and still hold the curls just as well as hairspray.

5—Make it last for days. These curls aren’t just a one-time deal. To make this look last two or more days after the initial process, apply dry shampoo to your roots to maintain greasiness before your next wash. Over the next few days, your curls will become more like relaxed waves.

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