Mark Your October Calendar

October might be known for all things pumpkin and chunky sweater related, but there’s more than hot beverages and heavy knits to this favorite fall month. With days reserved for smiling and consuming sweet treats, what else do you need to confirm that October is, in fact, the best month of the year?

Forget about the pressure of what you’re going to dress up for on Halloween and check out other noteworthy days to celebrate this month!

October 1

Paris Fashion Week: Because there is no better way to watch the gorgeous models grace the Paris runways than parking yourself in front of your computer and gorging on croissants.


October 2

World Smile Day: Time for all that flossing and teeth brushing to really pay off.


October 5

National Do Something Nice Day: Don’t let being mean get the best of you.

Something Nice

October 7

American Horror Story: Hotel Season Premiere: Is “And the Emmy goes to…Lady Gaga” in the future? Tune in to find out.

Lady Gaga

October 14

National Dessert Day: You have permission to substitute sweets for breakfast, lunch and dinner to treat yo’ self to all of your favorite desserts.Dessert Day GIF

October 17

Sweetest Day: Who knew that October was such a friendly month? This day is more about a sweet attitude than it is about increasing your sugar intake.

Sweetest Thing

October 27

“The Sartorialist: X” Book Release: Definitely don’t want to miss out on a plethora of amazing street style images taken by Scott Schuman.


October 28

National Chocolate Day: Whether you prefer milk, dark or white chocolate, there’s no wrong way to celebrate this holy day.


October 31

Halloween: When that homemade Game of Thrones costume doesn’t quite work out, you know you’ve got cat ears somewhere in your closet.