Mark Your November Calendar!

Let’s just say what fall really is—it’s a time for consuming baked goods that have a “spice” flavor; drinking hot, sugary drinks; talking about how much you love fall weather—and repeat. So while the sweaters, scarves and hats are all a charming idea, it’s really about the food and redefining the purpose of “Netflix and Chill.”

So while you’re drinking some type of special latte and looking for a new fall hat, mark your calendar for some other important dates. If pumpkin pie and sweet potato casserole aren’t enough to be excited about this November, just know that there are doughnuts on the horizon.

November 5th

National Doughnut Day: Need I say more? This is the time to rejoice and let humans do what they do best: consume doughnuts with no remorse. So scour the nearest doughnut shop for the perfect cruller, filled, traditional, cake or fritter treat and you’ll be doing National Doughnut Day justice.


November 6

Emma Stone’s Birthday: Happy birthday to all of the Scorpios out there, but most importantly—Happy Birthday, Emma Stone. Happy. Birthday.

Emma Stone

November 12

Project Runway Junior Premiere: If anyone needs to hear the wise words of Tim Gunn, it’s 13 to 17-year-old aspiring fashion designers.

Project Runway

November 14

National Pickle Day: Don’t get yourself into one, but be sure to enjoy as many as you want! I’ll take mine quartered, thank you.


November 21

World Hello Day: Just greet 10 people (or animals) and you’re good to go. Or go around singing Adele’s new hit single. Either one will work.

Hello Day

November 26

Thanksgiving: This is the holiday we have all been preparing for. That time you ate too many slices of pizza or got sick from consuming too many cookies was all just practice for this day of feasting.


November 27

Flossing Day: Forget about getting to the mall at 5:00 a.m. for Black Friday and focus on what’s more important: your dental health. After all the pie consumed, you’ll need to take the time to floss it out.



Black Friday: So if you plan on skipping flossing and going to the mall at 5:00 a.m., then may the odds ever be in your favor.

Black Friday