5 Makeup Hacks that Changed My Morning Routine

October 4th, 2017 at 1:00am

With the stress and craziness of college, I know it can be difficult to step outside your typical makeup routine. However, these five simple makeup hacks definitely helped me amp up my makeup routine. Each one of these tips is beginner friendly but they will change the dynamic of your basic makeup routine. 

using tape for winged eyeliner

While I have always loved the look of winged eyeliner, I was not able to acquire the steady hand that it takes to create a free-handed wing. However, by placing a strip of tape on the outer corner of my eyelid, I was able to draw a perfectly straight line and create a flawless wing. This tip has allowed me to achieve the winged eyeliner look that I love

PHOTO: Amber Sudra

using translucent powder

While most people know that using a lighter shade of concealer under your eyelids creates a new dynamic for your face, not many people know to add translucent powder over this concealer. By using a translucent powder over your concealer, you will set it and eliminate flash-back in photos. This convenient trick made my concealer stay on longer and made my photos look better.

using concealer under your eyebrows

In the era where eyebrows are so crucial to someone’s overall look, it’s important that your eyebrows are always looking their absolute best. I used to think merely filling in my eyebrows was enough until I discovered that using concealer under your eyebrows changes the whole look. This makeup tip is very useful if you want to emphasize your brow definitio—or even if you’re just overdue for a brow shaping.

PHOTO: Madison Paloski

using highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes 

Highlighter truly changed the makeup game in 2016. While it’s primarily used on one’s cheekbones, using highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes can add a new pop to your face. When used on the inner corners of your eyes, highlighter can make you look much more awake and makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. Bonus tip: using highlighter on the tip of your nose has a slimming effect, and will give you even more glow if that’s your goal. 

brushing your eyebrows while filling them in 

When the idea of filling in your eyebrows hit the mainstream makeup scene, I felt as though my life had been changed. I began to fill in my eyebrows as darkly as possible. While this look was still better than my natural brows, it was completely unnatural and I was unsure why. However, I recently discovered that using a brow brush to brush out your eyebrows makes your eyebrows look much more natural. When brushing out my eyebrows, I typically brush all of the hairs upwards first and then smooth them down.

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Featured image by Jess Mingrino.


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