How to Make Your College Condo Look Like a Millionaire's Mansion

June 16th, 2017 at 2:00am
How to Make Your College Condo Look Like a Millionaire's Mansion

Have you ever watched/binged on HGTV? If the answer is yes, I bet that you crave the same stunning home décor you see on the shows to be in your very own dorm, condo, apartment, etc. That being said, going to your local department store in search of furniture and home decor can be a bit overwhelming and, well, more than a bit overpriced.

My wardrobe is not the only element of my life that needs to be stylish and up to date on the latest trends; my apartment needs to resemble my style and creativity as well! It’s tricky enough to keep my clothes up to date and on a budget, but conquering a room makeover is even more challenging and expensive.

Until we can transition from student life to our dream jobs, many of us are stuck juggling jobs and school work. Although our schedules are overwhelming most of the time, there are those glorious yet fleeting moments when we can relax and take a break. If you are anything like me, I like to take those moments to “unwind” by channeling my creativity into a new project.

I normally would spend free time watching HGTV and wishing I could live in a space so glamorous until I realized that it may be easier than I thought. I began researching ways to give your space a makeover and before long, stumbled upon tutorials on repurposing old furniture. To prepare my new and very empty apartment for the upcoming semester, I decided to rely on DIY projects to decorate on a budget.

I redirected my love of thrifting for clothes to thrifting for décor and furniture. You would be surprised the fun décor you can find when browsing through second-hand shops!

Additionally, for the first time in a long time, I read the local newspaper and found postings for garage and estate sales in my area. I called up a friend, woke up at 8 a.m., grabbed some Starbucks, and cruised around town spotting the coolest apartment treasures.

While not all the furniture or décor you may find will be in perfect shape or match the color scheme you desire, this is where the real fun begins. With a fresh coat of paint, old furniture can look super chic and trendy once again. Painting old furniture brings it back to life without losing the item’s original charm. Did I mention it keeps your wallet alive, too?

With the big furniture pieces taken care of while having only spent a few bucks, you can spend more time and money shopping for the extra accessories needed to make your space look top notch. Items like throw pillows, area rugs, and small decorative pieces can drastically transform your space and highlight the furniture that you saved big bucks on. Trust me, the extra time and effort are worth the reward!

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