5 Lululemon Alternatives That Won’t Break The Bank

As we all know at this point, Amazon carries the widest arrangement of goods; this can include anything from your textbook rentals, to the latest and greatest fashion trends. If you are like me, you strive to find the best deals on all things fashion. Lately, there has been an increase in amazing Lululemon alternatives that won’t break the bank; from the popular Align tank to the Scuba sweatshirt, Amazon has the best, most affordable dupes that’ll help you avoid Lululemon’s steep prices. Here are my top five favorites that I have found on Amazon so far!

LASLULU Womens Hoodies

Image Via Amazon

Available in 15 colors. $39.99.

The fact that the brand name has “Lulu” in its name tells you what you need to know. This hoodie is almost an alternative to Lululemon’s Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie. Not only does it look as comfortable as the original garment, but it doesn’t carry the hefty price tag; while the original Scuba hoodie has a price tag of $118, this only costs around $40! If you aren’t a fan of the half-zip style, this brand also offers a full-zip version of the hoodie. This is a great alternative to the original piece, and has been loved all over social media.

MCEDAR Athletic Tennis Golf Skorts

Image Via Amazon

Available in 24 colors. $33.99.

I’m not usually one who wears skirts, but I am a big skort girl, especially when it is an affordable skort. This skort is an alternative for Lululemon’s Pace Rival Skirt, which has a $78 price tag. This version comes in 24 different colors, and is frequently on a lightning deal, so keep your eyes peeled for sales! It is extremely comfortable, and loved by many.

THE GYM PEOPLE Women’s Longline Sports Bra

Image Via Amazon

Available in 21 colors. $21.99.

Though there are many great options for this tank, this one is my top choice thanks to its exact look, as well as having an extremely similar feel to Lululemon’s signature Align fabric. This variation also comes in over 20 colors, and allows for more variety. This is a great staple piece to have in your athleisure wardrobe, and can be worn in many different ways!

CRZ YOGA Women’s Casual Wide Leg Sweatpants

Image Via Amazon

Available in True Navy. $35.

I’m not the type of person to lean towards wearing sweatpants as loungewear (I’m definitely more of a leggings girl), but these changed my mind. I would compare the texture of these wide leg sweatpants to the texture of Lululemon’s Ready to Rulu High-Rise Jogger, or any bottom with their signature Rulu fabric. These pants were an unexpected win for me, and they are just recently trending as a great Lululemon alternative offered on Amazon. The only unfortunate thing about these pants is that they are currently only offered in one color, but hopefully they’ll release more colors soon!

Yogalicious High Waisted Leggings

Image Via Amazon

Available in 22 colors. $19.99.

Everyone has tried to find the best Align Legging alternative out there, and to me, this is the best of the best. Not only do they have that same buttery texture that Lululemon’s Align line boasts, but they are also much cheaper than the originals — these only cost $20! This price tag is much better than Lululemon’s $98-$118 price point, so you don’t feel so bad having a wide array of colors. You are also able to buy these leggings in packs, so if you’re like me, you can easily have at least five black pairs of leggings on deck.