How to Look Basic but Classic

What I love about fashion is the fact that you can combine the clothes the way you want, and nowadays having your own style is what is a trend. So I’m giving you a cool idea of how to be basic while you can look classic. You can wear this kind of outfit if you like hanging out with your friends, you are going shopping, having lunch in a nice restaurant, or having a date with your crush. It’s perfect if you like to look fresh and comfortable but without losing the style.

To start, the first thing you need is a slogan T-shirt that I’m sure you have one in your closet, it’s basic! So any white T-shirt will be useful. Also, if you don’t want to go too basic, you can wear any top you prefer that it makes you feel comfortable, but remember that this is my way to show you that you can be basic but having a great style. If you like my slogan T-shirt, there are more cool options you will find online in different stores cause the ’90s are back with the slogan T-shirts, and this trend is so in!

Then, some cool embroidered jeans are perfect to complement this outfit cause here I am giving you a trend alert. I know it came from spring, but in summer you can use it too! These kinds of jeans with beautiful embroidery, you will find it skinny or boyfriend, they are perfect for any occasion you want to have a comfortable look, but with style and design. Some of them came with stylish holes like mine that it makes me take more risk on my outfit.

Now my favorite part: loafers! These shoes are absolutely nice, comfortable, fashionable, and they are the perfect complement for the look we want to create, the style is so classic and kind of vintage, you can wear them with a lot of outfits and styles, just let your imagination flow!

And remember you can always add your piece of style, like in this case I chose vintage yellow sunglasses that it makes me feel so stylish!

Now recreate a “basic but classic” look, and let us know in the comments below: which piece would you add to the look? Share pictures of them on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!