Live in Color

This post is sponsored in part by by L’Oréal Féria 

Our Style Gurus are bold, fierce and totally #RAD—both behind the camera and in front of it.

Féria is all about “Living Bold” and “Living in Color.” Florida State University Style Guru, Sofia Rodriguez, had the chance to experience this first hand at the Feria event in NYC! Read on to learn how she embodies both the CollegeFashionista and Féria spirit.


I think that being bold isn’t a personality trait, it’s a state of mind. When I’m truly being myself, without caring what others think of me, that’s when I can be bold. I love to share this state of mind with others. There’s nothing better than a community of people who are being bold and confident by being themselves and not being ashamed of it. I try my hardest to live everyday with confidence and love for the colorful moments in life. If there was a single moment that captured this, the thing that comes to mind is cruising around my bike in an unknown area, not caring what the world thinks of me. This love of the world extends out to everyone around me.

The Féria Live in Color event was amazing! I really loved the photo booth, and the hair bar consultation. I was recommended to use the Power Violet shade, I’ve recently used it on a streak of my hair to add a pop of color and I absolutely love it.


Check out this video to see how others like Sofia are living bold with Féria!