Life Is a Party, Dress Like It

Life Is a Party, Dress Like It

June 21st marks the end of school, the beginning of summer, and National Lily Pulitzer Day. Every year National Lily Day rings in the summer season with Lily’s signature collection in a wide variety of bright, colorful, patterns. In addition to highlighting the fun fashion that has been worn for generations, this day also brings attention to Lily Pulitzer’s admirable entrepreneurial spirit that allowed her to turn her love of resort life into a thriving corporation.

When Lily was just 21 years old, she and her husband Peter Pulitzer traded life in the Big Apple for endless sunshine in Palm Beach, Florida.  Life in Palm Beach brought all the glamour and fabulousness of living on a resort, as well as three children and a citrus grove. Lily liked to keep herself busy, and opened a juice stand using the produce grown in her husband’s orchard. While she loved running her own business and interacting with all her friends who came to buy juice, she always found herself spilling on her clothing. In order to disguise the stains, Lily created dresses in bright colors and intricate patterns. Once people saw her dresses, demand quickly grew. And when Jackie Kennedy, Lily’s schoolmate and First Lady, was photographed in a Lily dress, the Lily Pulitzer brand skyrocketed.

Lily Pulitzer continues to be a great success today because it brings the happiness and excitement of a summer resort to everyday life. To celebrate National Lily Day, I put together an outfit that captures the liveliness and excitement of summer. My top is a classic Lily Pulitzer, complete with one of her signature patterns in many bright colors.  Since the shirt was the focal point, I kept the rest of my outfit simple and basic. I did this by pairing my shirt with a pair of white jeans, and gold sandals. I accessorized with a Kate Spade bangle and pearl earrings.

How will you celebrate National Lily Pulitzer Day? Let me know in the comments below!

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