To: Whoever said a boy doesn’t care how he dresses…you are wrong.

Summers spent in Upstate New York are filled with plenty of time spent by massive bodies of water (The Finger Lakes). And the great thing about having a group of lakes so close together is that you can travel and make a day trip out of sailing across a new one!

After deciding to take a weekend getaway, I quickly had to brainstorm all of the things I had to pack; unfortunately for me “quickly” took a few hours, but as I unpacked my clothes into the drawers of our new getaway house I knew I had packed the PERFECT vacation clothes, and so did somebody else I knew.

This Fashionisto made it a point to pack his new pair of Converse High-Tops (easily the most perfect shoe for any occasion) especially for vacation! Converse have always been a very popular shoe and are easily able to be packed in a small overnight bag. This traveler also made sure to pack his graphic shorts filled with beach vibes. These shorts are great because they can be dressed up or down and are a fun add on to an everyday look. Last but not least, a basic graphic T-shirt to walk along the shore in.

Overall, the fun new kicks, the adventure printed shorts and the graphic T-shirt can be a great pairing for anything the day has to throw at you—a fun night on the town, a trip to the store or in our case, a nice walk through the sand!

Hint: Pair the graphic shorts with a nice button-down and boat shoes, and you have a great outfit to spend the night out adventuring in!