How to Keep Your Personal Style In the Office

June 15th, 2017 at 2:00am
How to Keep Your Personal Style In the Office

College students spend four years discovering who they are and developing their own style. But what happens to that style when they enter the workforce? Young adults often fear they will be forced to conform to a boring strict dress code. However, with a little creativity, there is always room for personal expression!

A great way to add taste, and style to your wardrobe, is through embellishments. Black slacks are a work place classic, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be trendy. Adding pearls down the front seam of the pants adds personality, style, and texture while still capturing a “professional” look. A simple embellishment can give you the confidence to express your personal style while keeping it appropriate.

White blouses are a piece that hangs in everyone’s work closet. However, it doesn’t mean it has to be a mainstream item. Experimenting with texture takes a plain white blouse and transforms it into your own. Here the lace detail throughout the shirt, and the high neckline captures attention and adds interest.

Shoes are often a love/hate relationship with women; they love how they look but hate the way the high heel makes their feet hurt after hours of standing. However maintaining fashion, and comfort is achievable! The slip-on shoe is the perfect balance of style, business casual, and comfort all in one! Here adding the lace-up shoe adds detail, originality, and creativity. It takes a regular shoe, and makes it its own!

As you transition from college student to young working adult, infuse your personal style into your work wardrobe. Embellishments, textures, and unexpected details will help you transfer basic work pieces into a personal statement

Do you feel the same way about incorporating personal style into business attire? Let me know in the comments below!