Fearless: Introducing our June Mood Board

June 1st, 2018 at 2:00am

We don’t care what the lunar calendar says—to us, June is the official start of summer! It seems like everything is brighter this month, and not just the weather. The fashion, the flowers, heck even people’s dispositions are sunny! What’s not to love about June?

But your summer isn’t all about working on your tan—it’s also about working to make a name for yourself in your internship. It’s about taking chances with everything from your career to your fashion choices. Be bold. Ask to take on more responsibility at your internship. Send a cold email to that industry insider you admire. Try that trend you have been secretly coveting. Summer isn’t your time to take a break; it’s time to breakout and be fearless.

Throughout the month, we will be posting our favorite images to encourage you to be fearless in your pursuit to self-discovery. Be sure to check out CF on Instagram to get a glimpse into how our community is raising the bar this month and to snap up our June moodboard backgrounds to help inspire you wherever you go.