July Mood Board—Summer Lovin'

It seems like there are no truer lyrics than when Danny Zuko sang, “Summer loving, had me a blast.” And with summer in full swing and a new month ahead of us, we couldn’t agree more. Bring on the barbecues, pool days, weekend getaways and staying light out until 9 p.m. Heck, we’ll even take the sweltering heat if that means we can truly live up this magical time of year. (And “Oh, those summer nights!”)


This month, we invite you to be inspired by the season. The sunshine is brighter. The flowers are in full bloom. Even the melting ice cream keeps us on our toes. Enjoy it all, because while the days are long, the moments go by too fast.


July also is prime time for summer vacation and travel plans. Whether you are collecting stamps in your passport, (literally) taking your show on the road or just getting some R&R in the comforts of your hometown, find time to admire and appreciate it all.


We here at CollegeFashionista we are focused on bringing you content that helps you realize the beauty of the season. Get inspired to take time each day to find some “summer lovin'” of your own.


To kick-off this month, check out our July Mood Board on Pinterest to help give you some serious “Summer Lovin'” vibes!